From Port Waikato on the West Coast to Waihi on the East; Agman Spraying and Contracting Ltd is based in Mercer and covers the Franklin district, Hauraki Plains, the Coromandel Pennisula and Piako. With over 25 years in commercial sprayer, Agman is a professional in all aspects of spraying and can provide the solution you require. See our services below then contact us to find out more or to book in your job.

​North Waikato Services

Boom Spraying

Delivering precise liquid application:


  • Pasture renovation

  • Spray-out for cultivation work

  • Pre and post-emergence weed control

  • Pesticide and herbicide application

  • Liquid fertilizer application

  • Soil conditioners and pasture boosters

Our specifically built Toyota Landcruiser boom spraying unit has a computerised application rate controller so that the exact amount of agrichemical is applied given the groundspeed of the vehicle. The computer also calculates total area covered and the GPS guideance system ensures the operator will not overlap the application. Utilising the 15 meter boom width minimises pasture or crop damage.

Gun Spraying

For targeted weed control:


  • Gorse

  • Ragwort

  • Blackberry

  • Thistles

  • And all other invasive weeds

Both our Landcruiser and tractor have two hose reels, each with 100 meters of hose. Therefore, we can offer two agrichemical applicators per spray unit, which means we can cover more ground faster...which saves you money. 

We utilise high pressure pumps for gun spraying to give excellent weed coverage and penetration.

We also have available two trailer units set up for gun spraying. These units are motorised and also feature high pressure spray pumps. Both units are ideally suited for use behind an ATV.

Drain Spraying


Efficient maintenance of drains:


It is important to keep drains clean of vegetation to ensure they operate effectively and allow water to flow.

Our uniquely designed drain spraying boom is hydraulically operated from a tractor to provide an efficient and extremely effective drain spraying service, which we offer to farmers and councils.

The tractor can easily navigate over rough terrain to access the drains. However, gun spraying can be done in those areas our tractor cannot get to. We have even sprayed from the waterways by putting one of our spray units onboard a commercial boat.

Cut & Paste / Frilling

Targetted control of pest plants:

​Controlling pest plants that are located in sensitive areas such as native bush, riparian strips, commercial or residential areas.

Cut and paste is a favourable method of controlling pest plants, such as Old Man's Beard, where the plant can be cut at ground level and then herbicide is applied to the stump.

Frilling is commonly used for controlling pest plants, such as Woolley Nighshad. An ax is used to make cuts around the circumference of the trunk for the herbicide to be inserted.

Riparian Planting

Protect and beautify your waterways:

Riparian planting is an effective method of protecting waterways from potential contamination and assists with beautifying the landscape.

Our riparian planting service includes spraying out for plant placement, planting and future maintenance.

Native plants are an ideal choice to enhance the appearance of industrial and commercial sites.

Industrial Vegetation Control

Being compliant without the risk:


We can provide businesses with a risk free and fully compliant solution for total vegetation control and maintenance by incorporating weed spraying of industrial sites, garden maintenance and lawn mowing.

With current health & safety and resource management legislation it is vital that businesses comply with the strict regulations governing chemical storage, use and application within the workplace. This is where we can help.

Waikato Operators

Geoff Patterson


Geoff Patterson began spraying in 1971 as an enthusiastic 21 year old for a Waverley based agricultural spraying business. An overabundance of work opportunities and always impatient to get ahead, it was no time before Geoff purchased a Toyota Landcruiser, affectionately nicknamed 'Humpdy', and began working for himself.

45 years later, the Agman brand now represents Geoff's wealth of experience within the agricultural and horticultural spraying industries. Branches have been established in North Waikato and Taranaki, which provide a complete range of agricultural spraying and associated services.

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