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Tackling the Taranki Terrain from Urenui in the North, Opunake on the Coast and everywhere in between. Agman Spraying Taranaki Ltd is based in New Plymouth and offers a full range of quality spraying and vegetation solutions. Take a look at our range of services below then contact us today to discuss your requirements.

​Taranaki Services

Agricultural Spraying

Offering a full range of ground spraying and agrichemical application services:

  • Gun Spraying

  • Boom Spraying

  • Knapsack Spraying

  • Cut and Paste

  • Frilling

Being agricultural spraying contractors, we are well equipped to provide professional and results oriented ground spraying and agrichemical application services.


We operate five spraying vehicles.


Two units offer gun spraying services and feature quality high-pressure pumps and 150m of spray hose to reach those hard-to-get-to places. High volume water pumps allow us to fill the spray tanks from natural water sources, such as streams, rivers or dams. This allows us to operate more efficiently by refilling the spray tank closer to the work site.

We can offer a professional crop and pasture boom spraying solution. We have three units available for boom spraying with booms sized 8m, 12m and 15m wide. All units feature up-to-date computerised rate controllers and GPS guidance for precise chemical application. We also feature automatic boom section control. You are assured of a competitive per hectare price for all your boom spraying requirements; whether it be spray-outs, pre or post-emergence weed control, facial eczema or Pro-Gib.

Cut and Paste is a method commonly used for controlling small to medium trees, whereby the tree is cut at ground level and the stump is pasted with chemical. It is also used for vine control, such as Old Man's Beard. Frilling is a method used to to kill large established trees, whereby cuts are made to the trunk and chemical applied to the cuts. We also do "drill and fill" control on larger trees.

Industrial Grounds Maintenance

Being compliant without the risk:


  • Site Ground Spraying

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Landscaping

  • Native Planting 

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Roadside Mowing

We can provide businesses with a risk free and fully compliant solution for ground spraying or total grounds maintenance.

With current health & safety and resource management legislation it is vital that businesses comply with the strict regulations governing chemical storage, use and application within the workplace. This is where we can help.

Being Registered Chemical Applicators, we hold the relevant certification and have the practical experience to legally provide commercial ground spraying services. This ensures you are partnering with a professional organisation who specialises in ground spraying, understands chemicals, how best to use them, and what effects they have on our environment.

It is easier to deal with just one contractor for all grounds maintenance. That is why we are equipped and skilled to provide more than just ground spraying services. So if you have lawns that need mowing or gardens that need weeding, we can help. We even do new planting projects and landscaping work. We can advise on suitable plants as well as supply them.

We have a tractor with reach mower for mowing roadsides, steep batters, hedges and shelterbelts.

We are Permit to Work and Gas Testing qualified.

Taranaki Operators

Call Now:    ​027 450 8320​​
Simon Patterson


Simon, 40, owns and operates Agman Spraying Taranaki and has a vision for it to become a trusted brand for quality spraying and vegetative control services. Simon learnt the spraying industry from father Geoff, who has been a contractor since the early 70’s.


Simon has extensive business experience from numerous management positions and has worked within Taranaki's strictly regulated Oil and Gas industry. This experience, combined with an Agricultural Engineering degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration in Management qualification has enhanced Simon's skills for business ownership and operation.

Simon has always aspired for business ownership and setting up Agman Spraying Taranaki was a logical decision given Simon's background and rural upbringing. "I enjoy all aspects of this type of business", says Simon. "It's really rewarding to return to a job several weeks later and see the results from the services I provide. My biggest challenge however is managing the seasonal changes in demand for spraying. This is why diversification of services is so important to my business plan."

Simon is a Registered Chemical Applicator and a proud member of Rural Contractors NZ.

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